Executive Oil Conference
November 6-7, 2017
Midland, Texas
Midland County Horseshoe Pavilion

2014 Executive Oil Conference

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2014 – Conference

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Opening Keynote: Building In The Permian & More

  • Jeffrey A. Fisher, Chief Operating Officer, American Energy Partners LP — presentation not released

Industry Observers Panel: Hot Spot Still Sizzles
Analysts and capital providers deliver their insights on why the Permian Basin remains a hot spot for further investment dollars, whether for start-up E&Ps, buyouts, or drilling.

  • Chris Carter, Managing Director, Natural Gas Partners — presentation not released
  • Jordan Marye, Partner, Denham Capital — presentation not released
  • Andy Taurins, Managing Director, Lantana Energy Advisors

Operator Spotlight: Multiple Plays & Pays
Glean insight into the plans, the budget and the plays that are attracting the drill bit from one of the region's most successful operators. Concho Resources has amassed an enviable leasehold position, and it is pressing development forward on several fronts.

  • Will Giraud, Executive Vice President, Concho Resources — presentation not released

Roundtable Discussion: The Oil & Water Mix
The oil and gas industry continues to examine ways to reduce its use of fresh water and increase water recycling, reuse and conservation. Here's a look at some of the more innovative and determined ways that is being accomplished in the Permian.

  • Clane LaCrosse, Founder, President and CEO, Bosque Systems, LLC
  • Rob McClain, Director, Project Development, Select Energy Services
  • Brent Halldorson, Chief Operating Officer, Aqua-Pure/Fountain Quail

Operator Spotlight: Wolfcamp Wide & Deep
This Permian Basin leader is delivering outstanding wells in both the Delaware and Midland basins, in Wolfcamp A, B and C intervals. Listen as it discusses its unique approach to tapping its tremendous resource potential.

Afternoon Keynote: The Big Picture On Crude Oil Exports
Exports of crude oil from the US are restricted at present, but with US production at more than 8.2 million barrels a day and rising, pressure to allow higher levels of imports is growing. What are the prospects for large volumes of US crude flowing to different countries, and how might this affect the world's geopolitical landscape?

Panel: Bumps In The Boom?
Will the booming Permian and Midland basins experience a bit of turbulence for operators after flying high for so long? As land prices have soared, some analysts forecast that the money and time spent evaluating and drilling in the area will be tested, and price weakness may set in.

  • Bob Brackett, Senior Vice President & Senior Analyst, North American E&P, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.
  • Travis Nichols, Director, Investment Banking, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

Operator Spotlight: Midland Basin Multiples
Diamondback Energy is aggressively developing its Midland Basin properties, which are prospective for a wide array of targets. Learn the latest on how this operator is lowering wells costs, raising productivity and tapping into new zones and new areas.

Panel: IPO Fever In The Permian
Investors are enthusiastically honing in on the Permian arbitrage as privates go public with lucrative results. These A&D advisors and recent Permian buyers analyze the deal landscape and offer their opinions on future prospects.

  • Mike Kelly, Vice President, Global Hunter Securities LLC
  • Steven Gray, CEO and Director, RSP Permian, Inc.

Midstream Panel: Newest Twists In Pipelines
After deep spending on infrastructure to solve the bottleneck and move crude to the best-priced markets, here's an overview of more notable pipeline projects in the Permian.

  • Ken Snyder, Vice President, Business Development, Frontier Energy Services LLC
  • Brett Wiggs, CEO, Oryx Midstream Services